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Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Tuesday at the Market

I'd forgotten how great a trip to Pike Place Market can be, having not been there for nearly a year (we're in Seattle for a few weeks while our stuff is being transported to California).

Start at the far north end of the market, grab a couple of tamales at the appropriately named Mexican Grocery. Next, head one shop over for espresso at the original Starbucks store. Sure, it's a touristy cliche, but as a native Seattleite and Starbucks regular, I can pull it off. Next continue south for an onion-potato-cheese piroshky at Piroshky Piroshky. Mee Sum Pastries is the next stop; BBQ pork humbow. All this on the same side of the street! Best lunch in town. Finish up with a half-dozen cinnamon donuts at Daily Dozen Donuts. Yum.

But now it's time to actually shop. The entrance to DeLaurenti Specialty Food & Wine is just across from Daily Dozen. I always wind up buying more than I intended to at DeLaurenti. Today I bought some mild soprasetta to go on a pizza for dinner tonight. Next up is produce at Sosio's, where they always have samples and are happy to chat about produce. I bought some mushrooms, shelling peas, and asparagus (it's a bit early, I know, but it looked decent) for risotto this week, a plum for my son, a couple of Meyer lemons (probably for an adult beverage), and a couple of Pink Lady apples (my favorite).

Mid-week and rain made for a lack of crowds, always a plus. I'd much rather hit the market at a time like this than, say, on a sunny summer Saturday when everyone and his brother is out to see a flying salmon.


  • Jason, it's September. What's the deal?? You still have a thing about Pikes Market...what about Hotlanta?!?

    By Blogger Kleifgen, at 11:05 PM  

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